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Using Little Snitch to prevent internet access without VPN

There are a couple reasons why you would want to access the internet through a VPN: your work requires it, you regularly work from open Wifi networks, at hotels, coffee shops or libraries, and you want to prevent eavesdropping.

This article presents a simple technique that allows you to force internet access through a VPN when using unsafe networks. I will use Private Internet Access as an example, but this applies to any VPN connection, on any network.


Little Snitch

Little Snitch is a firewall that allows you to control connections from your computer to the internet. One of its greatest features, introduced in version 3, is "Automatic Profile Switching": the ability to automatically apply different rules depending on which network you're connected to.

We are going to use this feature to provide unrestricted access to the internet when connected to a VPN, and automatically cut off access as soon as we are disconnected (or before we are connected).

Step 1: Install Little Snitch

Go ahead and install Little Snitch.

Step 2: Stop the filter and switch to silent mode

Little Snitch has a tendency to be a bit verbose, and will pester you with questions as soon as any application attempts a connection, which can rapidly get annoying.

Fortunately, there is a "Silent Mode", which will automatically allow/deny any connection, and offer us some peace while we work on the configuration. So:

Switching to silent mode

Step 3: Delete all default rules

Little Snitch comes with a couple of default rules. They are mostly harmful, but if you are worried about your privacy, it can't hurt to be cautious. So let's start from an empty environment.

Open the "Rules" screen:

Open the rules panel Open the rules panel

Delete or disable all the rules. You may get a few warnings, but just go ahead and do it anyway (you can always restore the factory defaults later).

I only keep 3 main rules:

When you are done, your rules should look like this:

Rules panel

Let's simplify the view a bit by hiding disabled rules:

Hiding disabled rules Hiding disabled rules

Step 4: Create a new profile

First, we need to enable "Automatic Profile Switching":

Enable Automatic Profile Switching Enable Automatic Profile Switching

Now, let's create our VPN profile:

Create the VPN profile Create the VPN profile

Finally, we restart the network filter:

Start network filter

Turn Wifi on and off:

Restart Wifi

And now Little Snitch wants you to choose a profile. If this your home connection, you could choose the newly created VPN profile. If you are at an unsafe location, or if you simply prefer to have VPN activated at all times, select "Deactivate Active Profile":

Deactivate Active Profile

Since the default rules do not explicitly allow any connection, and we have set "Silent Mode" to "Deny", we basically lost internet access:

No internet access

That's what we wanted :) Let's now configure the VPN.

Step 5: Creating new rules

We succeeded in stopping access for all applications, but the truth is: the VPN itself needs access. So we need to create a few rules for that.

Try to start the connection:

Starting the VPN

At this time, the VPN won't be able to connect, but since we activated Silent Mode, the connection attempts will appear in Little Snitch and we can create new rules:

Creating rules for the VPN

As soon as the rules are created, the VPN connection will succeed and you will be prompted with the familiar dialog. Choose "VPN & Safe Networks":

Choose a profile

Finally, now that the association has been made between the VPN network and the VPN profile, we need to restore access to all applications. Go back to the rules window, and click "New". You will need to create 2 rules. One for all applications owned by you, and one for all system applications:

Creating the new rules Creating the new rules Creating the new rules

If all goes well, you now have full internet access:

Safari on



That's it! You're pretty much set :) Now, every time you connect to a new network, Little Snitch will ask you to choose a profile and you can either choose the safe one (for work and home), or deactivate the current profile and launch your VPN (for coffee shops, etc).

I hope this was helpful. Until next time, Cheers!