Using Pry in production (part 3) May 25, 2014
This last trick is not specific to Pry, but is very useful nonetheless. I had a problem recently where one particular discussion in my application

Using Pry in production (part 2) May 18, 2014
Last week, we took a look at the basics of using Pry in production as a replacement for the standard IRB console. Today, let’s look at a practical

Using Pry in production (part 1) May 11, 2014
If you don’t know about Pry yet, you’re missing out. It’s a replacement REPL for Ruby with tons of features and many plugins, which makes it a

SSH authentication on Github for multiple users May 4, 2014
I have 2 Github accounts: a personal one, and a professional one. If you have more than one account on Github, you’ve probably experienced this

Improve your battery life with Activity Monitor April 27, 2014
OS X Mavericks introduced a new tab in Activity Monitor: Energy. The nice thing about this new pane is that it includes an average. If you run on

Download videos from (almost) any site with youtube-dl April 13, 2014
Continuing on last week theme of downloading videos, youtube-dl is a nifty little utility that allows you to download videos to watch later, or for

Subscribe to YouTube users in iTunes April 6, 2014
I love my commute: I love catching up on tech news in the morning, and indulge in silly entertainment in the evening. It is my moment of piece, my

Analyze disk space with ncdu March 30, 2014
NCurses Disk Usage, or for short, is a graphical disk space analyzer: Using ncdu It’s incredibly fast It’s available on every environment You

Speed up your tests and save your SSD with mrd March 16, 2014
mrd creates a virtual disk in memory, and runs an instance of MySQL on it. The main application is running tests: no matter how fast your hard drive

Preview all your development emails with Mailcatcher March 9, 2014
One of the great features coming in Rails 4.1 is Action Mailer Previews. This will offer a quick and simple way to preview the emails of your

Animated GIFs with LICEcap, Preview and ImageMagick March 2, 2014
Animated GIFs have seen a resurgence over the last few years. It’s easy to see why… Cute kitten and puppy While I’m grateful for puppies and

Setting up a wildcard DNS domain on Mac OS X February 23, 2014
There are many ways to develop on a Mac, and many stack to choose from. One common and recurring need however is to access your local websites

Using Little Snitch to save bandwidth February 16, 2014
In our last article, we saw how to use Little Snitch to stay secure by forcing the use of a VPN at unsafe locations. Let’s go a little further and

Using Little Snitch to prevent internet access without VPN February 15, 2014
There are a couple reasons why you would want to access the internet through a VPN: your work requires it, you regularly work from open Wifi

Managing Vim Plugins with Vundle September 18, 2011
If you are a heavy user of vim, chances are that over time you added a bunch of plugins, syntax files and other goodies to your vim configuration.

Configuring your Bash Prompt (PS1) August 9, 2011
As a developer, chances are you spend a lot of time every day in your terminal. Whether you use it for building, debugging, inspecting, deploying or

SSH Remote Tunneling June 28, 2011
Last time we introduced local port forwarding with SSH. Today let’s look at related features: remote port forwarding and socks proxying. Remote port

SSH Local Tunneling June 24, 2011
What is tunneling? To put it simply, tunneling is the mechanism by which one port on your local machine redirects to another port on another

SSH Config & Aliases June 15, 2011
SSH is a wonderful tool. It has many advanced features which can make your life easier as a developer, but they are not always well known or